Hey everyone! Have you ever heard about the amazing properties of Blue Lotus Flower, Damiana, and Butterfly Pea Flower tea? Well, let me tell you, this is the perfect mix for a perfect tea blend! 


Dream Walker KT Avenue Tea Blend

Blue Lotus Flower, well-known for its calming and relaxing effects, is an ideal tea ingredient that can soothe stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and help to improve the quality of sleep.


 Blue Lotus Flower Tea

Damiana is a plant traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer, which can also increase energy levels, reduce menstrual cramps, and stimulate digestion.


Damiana Tea 

Butterfly Pea Flower, on the other hand, is a natural nootropic that can improve cognitive functions, memory, and attention. It also contains high levels of antioxidants, which can flush out toxins from the body and improve overall health. 

Butterfly Pea Tea

By mixing these three ingredients together, you get a tea blend with a plethora of benefits for your mind and body. So, do yourself a favor and grab a cup of dream walker tea today! 

Dream Walker Individual Tea

April 12, 2023 — Kiara Thompson

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