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Organic Chamomile Lavender & Rose Petals

Organic Chamomile Lavender & Rose Petals

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Experience Serenity with our Organic Chamomile Lavender & Rose Petal Tea Blend

Indulge in the soothing embrace of our Organic Chamomile Lavender & Rose Petal Tea Blend, expertly crafted to help you unwind and find tranquility in every sip. This exquisite blend brings together the finest organic chamomile flowers, fragrant lavender, and delicate rose petals, creating a harmonious infusion that's perfect for moments of relaxation.

- Organic Chamomile Flowers (50%)
- Organic Apple Pieces
- Organic Lavender Flowers (3%)
- Organic Pink Rose Petals

Savor the Delicate Harmony:
As you steep this gentle blend, the calming aroma of chamomile mingles with the soothing essence of lavender and the subtle sweetness of rose petals. The result is a fragrant cup of tea that nurtures your senses and helps you escape the stresses of the day.

Steeping Instructions:
To enjoy the full benefits of this blend, steep one teaspoon of tea in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Allow the soothing flavors to infuse and transport you to a state of calm relaxation.

Certifications that Matter:
- Organic
- Caffeine-Free
- Vegan
- Non-GMO Verified
- Gluten-Free

Embrace the holistic experience of our Organic Chamomile Lavender & Rose Petal Tea Blend, designed to enhance your well-being and provide a comforting respite from the busyness of life. Whether you savor it during the day or indulge in its calming embrace before bed, this blend is your invitation to a world of serenity.

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