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Footprint Carafe Set with Handle Cups

Footprint Carafe Set with Handle Cups

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We leave our own footsteps as we travel through life, grateful for the route paved by our forefathers and excited for the steps still to come. The raised embossed design depicts both our distinct perceptions and the natural clues that lead us to our next journey.

Designed to provide value to calm pondering periods in between new adventures. With this carafe set, you may share peaceful moments in beauty and grace.

The unique tourmaline coated material in the carafe and each cup provides additional health advantages. Large water molecular groups are broken down into subsets by tourmaline. This lowering results in a purer flavor and enhanced water absorption in the human body.

Tourmaline Anion - Far infrared and negative ion technology that is patented. The tumbler's tourmaline lining enhances the flavor and freshness of any beverage. The charged negative ions in tourmaline offer a clean flavor while mitigating harsh chlorine and other contaminants.


Ceramic with Bamboo stopper. The carafe is 31 oz and the cups are 10 oz each.


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