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NY Blend Tea Sachets (16 sachets)

NY Blend Tea Sachets (16 sachets)

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Morning Harmony: A Robust Blend of Indian and Sri Lankan Black Tea

Awaken your senses with our distinguished Breakfast Black Tea Blend, an exquisite marriage of handpicked teas from the lush landscapes of India and Sri Lanka. This medium-bodied elixir is a symphony of nuanced flavors, meticulously crafted to provide a morning experience that transcends the ordinary.

Elevated Morning Ritual:

  • Embark on a journey through layers of flavor that go beyond the traditional. This blend offers a depth and complexity that enriches your morning routine.

Balanced Brilliance:

  • Savored on its own, this tea boasts perfect harmony, presenting a delicate balance of flavors. However, it remains versatile, accommodating both milk and sugar to your taste.

A Symphony of Tastes:

  • Embrace the delightful interplay of astringency, body, and gentle sweetness that dances on your palate with each invigorating sip.

Nature's Caffeine Boost:

  • Energize your day with the inherent caffeine of this black tea blend, delivering a naturally invigorating lift.

Explore the essence of Morning Harmony, where the rich heritage of Indian and Sri Lankan teas converge to create a symphony of flavors that elevate your mornings. Experience the impeccable blend that embodies Kikos Coffee & Tea's dedication to excellence.

Unveil the artistry of flavors, sip by sip.

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