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One Direction Tea Tumbler

One Direction Tea Tumbler

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If the city is a jungle, it must be approached with style and personality: the Streetwise collection is a salute to young culture, the brilliant colors and strong patterns of street style, and vintage beloved video games.
The term "streetwise" alludes to urban inspiration as well as the ability to understand the trends of a changing society. The collection is influenced by street art, fashion trends, and the most current lifestyle trends.
Streetwise uses a vibrant color palette that breaks up norms by bringing out main and secondary contrast colors in a creative way, lined up on impactful and bigger visuals by alternating asymmetries and similarities.
Streetwise is the collection that unabashedly embraces the notion of "more is more."

Ceramic cup with walnut wood effect lid. This tumbler holds 12.3 oz and is double-walled.

Care: Please hand wash for optimal cleaning results.

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