Plastic-Free Bottle Cleaning Brush Set


Cleansing & Caring for a Greener World

Embrace eco-conscious cleaning with our versatile Plastic-Free Bottle Brush Set. Tailored to meet all your cleaning and recycling needs, this set features five different brush sizes. Crafted with sisal bristles, these brushes offer a toxin-free, worry-free cleaning experience that reaches deep within your water bottles for a thorough cleanse.

Complete Set:
- 1 Large Brush (Diameter: 4cm, Brush: 10cm, Handle: 25cm)
- 1 Medium Brush (Diameter: 2cm, Brush: 6cm, Handle: 18cm)
- 1 Small Brush (Diameter: 1cm, Brush: 7cm, Handle: 12cm)
- 1 Cotton Straw Brush (Diameter: 1cm, Brush: 10cm, Handle: 12cm)
- 1 Sisal Straw Brush (Diameter: 0.4cm, Brush: 5.5cm, Handle: 18.5cm)

Green Features:
- Sisal fiber offers natural oil resistance without chemicals, plastic, or BPA.
- Ensure safety and peace of mind, free from toxins and microplastic concerns.
- Non-scratch design, safe for stainless steel water bottles.
- Easy-to-hold, non-slip, and compact, with a hanging loop for convenient air drying.

Directions for Use:
- Scrub bottles, dishes, and surfaces with dish soap as needed.
- Simple guide provided for different brush sizes and applications.
- Large brush: water bottles, vases, mason jars, and more.
- Medium brush: baby milk bottles, beer bottles, soy sauce bottles, and more.
- Small brush: kettles, cans, jam jars, and more.
- Cotton straw brush: glass/steel straws, delicate surfaces, and more.
- Sisal straw brush: bamboo straws, tough stains, and more.

Care Tips:
- Rinse and hang dry after each use.
- Clean bristles with vinegar to kill bacteria as needed.
- Avoid soaking to prevent cracks.
- Do not place in the dishwasher or expose to high heat or flames.

Elevate your cleaning routine and contribute to a greener world with our Plastic-Free Bottle Brush Set – the choice for conscientious cleaning and a healthier planet.