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Pride Of India

Elegant Wooden Black Matte Finish Tea Chest

Elegant Wooden Black Matte Finish Tea Chest

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Himalayan Single Origin Tea Collection in Elegant Wooden Chest

Indulge in the finest Indian tea, nurtured on misty Himalayan slopes. Handpicked, expertly blended, and ethically sourced, our single origin tea delivers a unique taste while providing essential nutrients. Carefully cultivated and sustainably packaged, this tea enriches your health and well-being.

- Wooden chest with an alluring black matte finish and clear lid.
- Accommodates 6 tea types and fits various tea bag sizes.
- Ideal for restaurants, kitchens, or personal use.
- Holds up to 90 tea bags or 4 loose tea jars.
- Versatile for gifting, with or without tea.
- The perfect addition to your tea set, pot, or station.
- Elevate tea parties, presentations, catering, or group events.

Experience the essence of the Himalayas in every sip, elegantly presented in our Wooden Tea Chest.

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