2oz Elderberry Shots


2oz jar of Elderberry Boost

Elderberry Go is the perfect size elderberry shot. It was created to offer a convenient way to take elderberry on the go. It's small size is airplane approved. The small neck opening makes it easy for pouring too! Each jar includes 2 oz of our signature elderberry syrup (4 adults servings).

Once opened, these jars can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 days! This is perfect if you do not have a refrigerator near by when traveling or on the go. (It will last up to 6 weeks once opened if refrigerated. Prior to opening, these can be stored for up two years.)

This elderberry syrup is all-natural, made with fresh, wild harvested elderberries. The perfect combination of elderberry, raw honey, and spices enables your immune system to perform at its best. There are no added sugars creating the purest form of elderberry syrup available on the market. 

Elderberry syrup is clinically proven to boost the immune system, and is especially effective on the cold and flu. There are multiple clinical studies that prove elderberry's effectiveness in reducing the severity of symptoms, as well as reducing the length of illness by 2-4 days.

In addition to the immune boosting effects, elderberry is also know to aid in relief of urinary tract and bladder infections, allergy symptoms, and digestive health.

The syrup is infused with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and apple cider vinegar for taste and added health benefits.  The honey also acts as a natural preservative, giving a longer shelf life.

As this elderberry doesn't have any added sugar, it is thinner than most commercial products, and has a consistency more comparable to juice than a syrup. It is very effective and a healthier alternative.

It is recommended that adults take 1 tablespoon daily and children 1 teaspoon daily for overall wellness. When sick, the same dosages can be taken every 2-3 hours until symptoms disappear. 

Ingredients List

*Organic Elderberries

*Raw Honey




*Apple Cider Vinegar