The Alchemical Signs Gold Ceramic Tumbler

$80.00 $104.00


The Alchemical Signs collection, based on Oriental and Egyptian holistic culture, depicts that quest in modern shapes and hues. Tonal contrasts that are bright and vivid promote vitality. Dynamic geometrical forms evoke strong primitive totems. To generate thrilling vertical and horizontal patterns, our designer began with the old alchemical diamond-based triangles and linear symbols for fire, water, earth, and air. Pyramid and diamond facet forms, both important in alchemy, are supposed to produce harmonizing frequencies that offer purity and harmony. They mix and flow together as though propelled by an unseen river in our dramatic horizontal design.

The tumbler is distinguished by its gold hand-painted pattern and is double wall heat-insulated to keep your beverages hot for up to 90 minutes.

Tourmaline Anion - Far infrared and negative ion technology that is patented. The tumbler's tourmaline lining enhances the flavor and freshness of any beverage. The charged negative ions in tourmaline offer a clean flavor while mitigating harsh chlorine and other contaminants.

Ceramic cup with walnut wood effect lid. This tumbler holds 12.3 oz and is double-walled.