Golden Melanin Bullet Journal

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Distributeur KT Avenue

Celebrate your unique journey with our 100-Page Golden Melanin Bullet Journal. Encased in a striking Glossy Cover, this journal radiates a sense of empowerment and pride, inviting you to pen down your thoughts and aspirations.

Designed in an Executive size of 7" x 10" (178 x 254 mm), this journal offers a spacious sanctuary for your creative expressions. The 60# Uncoated White paper type ensures a smooth writing experience that perfectly complements your personal narrative.

Embrace the beauty of your thoughts as they grace the pages of the Golden Melanin Bullet Journal. Whether you're planning, sketching, or journaling, this journal serves as a beacon of self-expression and representation.

Elevate your journaling experience with a touch of cultural richness and resilience. Order the Golden Melanin Bullet Journal paperback today and let your unique voice shine brightly on its pristine pages.